Tile Art Chalkboard Craft Kit

Make your own Tile Art Chalkboard for logging memos and keeping notes. Fun to make & fun to use.

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  • Let your creativity shine as you make your own personalized message board.
  • Paint the inside of the wood-framed board (approx. 9" x 11" inside the frame) with the purple chalkboard paint and foam brush.
  • 7/8" square ceramic tiles can be decorated with self-adhesive stickers and rhinestones
  • Arrange and glue the decorated tiles to form the border pattern of your choice
  • Hang your chalkboard using the included ribbons, write notes or reminders in 6 colors of chalk, then erase with the butterfly eraser.
  • A fun project now, a decorative message board for years to come.
  • Great gift for crafters
  • Includes:
    • Wooden base
    • Specially formulated chalkboard paint
    • Real ceramic tiles
    • stickers
    • glitter glue
    • rhinestones
    • Butterfly shaped eraser
    • 6 sticks of colorful chalk
    • trio of ribbons for hanging
  • Chalkboard measures: 11 3/4" w x 9 7/8" h.

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