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Morphing Dog (Blue)

It's a Truck, it's a dog, it's BOTH! Wind up this fella and watch him drive as a truck then get up and transform into a walking dog! He'll fold right back into a truck again and keep driving when he's done waltzing around!

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Wind up this fella and watch him transform! First he'll drive off as an unsuspecting truck, but don't look away, he'll transform into a tail waggin canine right before your eyes! Folds right back into a truck and keeps driving only to repeat the transformation once again. No batteries required!


  • Truck & Dog Transforming Wind up
  • No batteries required!
  • Drives as a truck then transforms into a walking dog on 4 legs!
  • Color: Blue
  • Just wind him up and watch him transform!
  • 5" Long in Truck Form


Recommended for ages 4 & above.

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