The Tinkersphere Company

Tinkersphere is a high-end retail company specializing in Robotics and Hobby / DIY Electronics. All products are carefully curated to ensure the best value. Based in New York City, Tinkersphere hopes to inspire, educate and empower tinkerers by providing a range of hobby electronic parts, kits and robot kits for all skill levels. Tinkersphere is preparing new tinkerers for the digital age we live in while giving experienced tinkerers a place to entertain their hobbies and gain new ones. and Tinkersphere NYC are proud to serve you both online and in store at the NYC storefront. Tinkersphere's NYC store is a valuable resource for NYC makers and tinkerers.

Contact Information:

Phone:  1-646-449-8581
Fax:      1-646-449-8927