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Double-sided Window Cleaner Glass Wiper Magnetic Cleaning Tools Thickness 0.1"-0.2" (3-5mm)

Double sided magnetic glass cleaner. Suitable for cleaning thin glass from 0.1 to 0.2 inches thick both inside and out. Comes with a safety cord so you don't drop the outside part.

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✔Double-side Magnetic Glass Cleaner Wiper: Magnetic glass wiper, with powerful internal magnet locking the two cleaning sides together,providing you with a comprehensive cleaning to any place.When you move one side, the other one follows. Double side magnetic glass cleaner wiper,easy to clean and use.
✔Wide Use: This Magnetic Glass Cleaner Wiper is suitable for windows 0.1-0.2 inches (3-5mm) thickness, perfect for cleaning home window, car window, sliding door, shower screen, or any 3-5mm glass surface.
✔Anti-falling Rope: Comes with 2m long safe anti-falling rope, when you use this magnetic glass cleaner, the rope will be tied to your hand, so it never falls down, providing you with a stable and safe cleaning experience.
✔Package include: 1 x Double Sided Window Cleaner + 4 x Felt Pads + 2 x Rubber. Warm Tip: This magnetic glass wiper fits 3-5mm thickness windows. Please choose the appropriate version according to the thickness of the glass, otherwise it may not work well.

✔ Multi-functional magnetic double sided glass cleaner wiper, clean glass quickly and easy
✔Stay in the room to clean inside and outside window at the same time
✔Long safety anti-falling rope, safe fall protection
✔High-quality material, strong and durable.
✔Can be used for cleaning sliding doors, glass windows, car windows, shower screens, mirrors, any glass surface

How to use:
✔1. Keep the safety rope in hand to prevent the glass cleaner from falling from high altitude.
✔2. Open the 2 halves of the cleaner.
✔3. Soak in water to allow the felt pads to absorb moisture.
✔4. Add a little cleaner to the fiber cloth.
✔5. Align the glass cleaner's inner and outer halves with the glass sandwiched between.
✔6. Start to wipe glass.

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