12V Transformer 60W Maximize

12V Transformer 60W

60 Watt 12V Transformer

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  • 12V Transformer
  • Input: 120V AC
  • Output: 12V AC
  • Max Power: 60W
In the input are both Wires positive or negative? How do we know which is positive or negative in the output and the input?
There is no polarity or positive and negative for AC power. There are 2 wires for 110VAC input and 2 for 12VAC output. As long as you don\'t mix up the input and output it should work no matter which 2 wires are connected.
Default User Icon Bob · 12/08/2020
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i need transormer for little water pump 12 V - 3.6 W - DC
This will give 12V AC output. You need DC. This DC power supply will work for sure:
Default User Icon michael · 01/20/2021
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Need transformer input 110 output 12V 3.6 W DC
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