Thermochromic Pigment - 40g Grass Green Maximize

Thermochromic Pigment - 40g Grass Green

This Thermochromic Pigment changes color from green to white when heat is applied! When the temperature rises over 91.4 degrees F, this color changing pigment switches from green to white!

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Last Updated: 12/06/2022





  • Thermochromic Pigment
  • Changes color based on temperature
  • Temperature threshold: 91.4 degrees Farenheit (33 Celcius)
  • Color:
    • Below 91.4F: Green
    • Above 91.4F: White / Colorless
  • Quantity: 40g
  • Form: Fine powder
  • Can be mixed into different materials to form thermochromic paints, gels, etc.
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