3D Printer Stepper Motor Parallel Module with W Cable for Double Z Axis Dual Z Motors

Drive 2 stepper motors off a single driver with this Parallel Module with W Cable for Double Z Axis Stepper Motors for 3D printers.

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Last Updated: 02/27/2024





  • Special design for stepper motor-side parallelization
  • Enables 1 driver to drive two motors
  • Put this between the two motors and the driver
  • Comes with a 4 pin cable  that's easy to connect;
  • When 2 of the same motor are attached to 1 driver in parallel, the current is divided evenly
  • Please make sure your motor driver can support the additional current draw of the second stepper motor before using this module.
  • Works with RAMPS, MKS-BASE V1.4 Plate Controller Board, Reprap Prusa Lerdge
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