Arduino Mega Case

This Crystal Clear Hard Plastic Case / Enclosure will keep your Arduino Mega 2560 safe while providing full accessibility with cutouts for all ports, LED channels, and even a key for hitting reset! Sturdy and easy to use!

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Use this Arduino Mega 2560 Rev 3 Case / Enclosure to protect your Arduino Mega from accidental shorting, falls and scrapes. Easy to mount on your projects and crystal clear so you can see your Arduino Mega at all times. You can protect your Arduino board without missing a beat. Cutouts for all ports (including Analog and digital ports) so you can use your Arduino Mega just as you would without the case.


  • Transparent Plastic Case
  • Assemble and screw together
  • Arduino Mega board is secured into the bottom with screws
  • Access to all ports
  • Clear Plastic so you can see your Arduino Mega at all times
  • 100% Crystal Clear so you can have a clear view of pin labels, indicator LEDs, etc.
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