Phone Car Mount with Suction Cup

Cell Phone Car Mount for keeping your phone over the dashboard at all times. Suction cup with latching clip for a strong hold,  flexible posable arm and universal clip that holds any phone with a width of up to 3.54 inches that fits iPhones, Android phones and any phone that has a width of less than 3.54 inches.

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  • Cell Phone Car Mount
  • Universal design fits almost any phone
  • Holds any phone up to 3.54 inches across with a clip
  • Strong suction cup with latch can be attached anywhere on your windshield
  • Posable arm can be bent into any shape
  • Place your phone at the perfect angle for viewing GPS, apps, etc while driving
  • Universal grip clip means the whole family can use the same mount with a variety of phones
  • Easy to put your phone in and remove at the end of your ride
  • Height: 9 inches
  • Adjustable rotation to any angle up to 360 degrees
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