6N138 Optocoupler / Optoisolator

This Optocoupler, also known as an optoisolator, is used to transfer electrical signals between 2 isolated circuits via light. Inside the optocoupler there is a photo-emitter and receiver that sends the signals from one circuit to the other. Useful for controlling large loads via microcontroller.

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Last Updated: 12/04/2022




Use this optocoupler, aka optoisolator, to control up to 60mA devices such as motors, automotive relays and pumps from your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other  microcontroller. Also commonly used to protect your microcontroller from being overdrawn and burning out. Place this optocoupler chip in between your microcontroller and the current drawing circuit to protect it.


  • Minimum Isolation Voltage: 2500Vrms
  • Package Type: DIP
  • Pin Number: 8

Click here to view the datasheet for the 6N138 Optocoupler.

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