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Animation Praxinoscope Kit

Build an Animation Praxinoscope and watch a reel of images become animated using the very same technology that was invented by Charles-Émile Reynaud in France of 1877!

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This Animation Praxinoscope Kit allows you to convert a reel of images into an animation via a spinning disc with mirrors reflecting the images on the outskirts of the disc through the viewfinder. As the disc spins, the viewer sees images in rapid succession which the brain processes as an animation! Includes pre-made discs as well as blank discs for creating your own animations. Measures 13 cm  tall when assembled! Batteries & LED included!


  • 1 Set of Praxinoscope Parts
  • LED for illumination
  • Batteries
  • 6 Double-Sided Printed Animation Discs
  • 6 Blank Animation Discs
  • Detailed Instructions with Fun Facts


Recommended for ages 8 & above.