PCB Developer Solution Powder 4oz NaCO3 Sodium Carbonate 99% Pure Maximize

PCB Developer Solution Powder 4oz NaCO3 Sodium Carbonate 99% Pure

Custom PCB fabrication is easy with this Sodium Carbonate Powder. 99% Pure, NaCO3 4oz bottle. Mix 12g of NaOH per litre of water (about a teaspoon) to make a PCB developer when working with photoresist. Develop your PCBs and leave beautiful traces ready for etching.

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Last Updated: 06/04/2023




Mix this Sodium Carbonate Powder with Water to make a PCB Developer that will develop your custom Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) with ease. Just dip your copper clad board with photoresist in after UV exposure and you'll get precise copper traces where you want and all the rest of the unexposed photoresist will melt away! It is clear, so you can see your PCB as it is being developed and monitor its status throughout the process. Making a PCB Developer Solution with this powder also requires no heated baths and produces nearly no fumes! Make your own printed circuit boards like a pro with this 4oz bottle of PCB Developer Powder!


  • Sodium Carbonate NaCO3 PCB Developer Powder
  • Mix with water to make PCB Photoresist Developer Solution.
  • 99% Pure
  • Quantity: 4oz (113.5g)
  • Chemical Makeup: Sodium Carbone (NaCO3)
  • Mix Ratio: 30g of NaCO3 per liter of water (about a tablespoon)
  • Removes dry film photoresist that hasn't been exposed to UV leaving clear traces under the exposed photoresist ready for etching.
  • Forms a clear solution when mixed with water for developing for easy PCB viewing
  • No heated bath required, nearly no fumes produced & does not stain clothing.
  • Sodium Carbonate, also known as Soda Ash, is the water-soluble sodium salt of carbonic acid.
  • CAUTION: Irritant.


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