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PCB Etching Solution Powder 5oz

Custom PCB fabrication is easy with this PCB Etching Powder. Mix with water and dip your copper clad board in to etch away the copper and leave beautiful traces. A great alternative to Ferric Chloride that doesn't stain, is clear so you can view your board while etching and requires no heated bath!

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Mix this PCB Etchant Powder with Water to make a strong corrosive that will etch your custom Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) with ease. Just dip your copper clad board in after ironing on the design and you'll get precise copper traces where you want and all the rest of the copper will melt away! This strong oxidizer is a new alternative to Ferric Chloride. It is clear, unlike Ferric Chloride, so you can see your PCB as it is being etched and monitor its status throughout the process. This PCB Etchant also requires no heated baths and produces nearly no fumes! Make your own printed circuit boards like a pro with this 4oz bottle of PCB Etchant Powder!


  • PCB Etchant Powder
  • Quantity: 5oz
  • Chemical Makeup: Sodium Persulfate (Na2S2O8)
  • Mix Ratio: Mix 2oz with 1 cup of water (250g per Liter)
  • Etches Copper, Brass, Iron, Zinc, Cadmium & Nickel
  • Forms a clear solution when mixed with water for etching for easy PCB viewing
  • No heated bath required, nearly no fumes produced & does not stain clothing.
  • CAUTION: Stong Oxidizer, Use with caution. Avoid contact with skin, do not ingest and be sure to dispose of properly according to local regulations once etching is complete.


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