Anti Static Wrist Strap Maximize

Anti Static Wrist Strap

Attach this Wrist Strap around your arm to ground yourself and avoid static charges affecting your circuits. Works great with our Anti Static Mats.

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Last Updated: 03/29/2023




Place this Anti Static Wrist Strap on your wrist to prevent accidental static charges from damaging your electronics. The elastic wrist strap is adjustable so it fits snugly around your wrist. Any static charge that has built up on your person is then discharged through the metal wrist contact and out the Alligator clip. Attach the alligator clip to your anti-static mat or other grounding surface.


  • Grounding Strap
  • Adjustable elastic comfort strap for prolonged wearing
  • Prevent static charges from damaging your electronics
  • Includes Alligator Clip for easy attachment to Anti-Static Mat or grounding cords
  • Worn around the wrist with stretchy coiled wire so it stays out of your way while working
  • Color: Blue (as shown)
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