AA to C Battery Size Adapter

AA to C Battery Size Adapter. Snap it around a AA battery to fit into C Battery slots. Useful for using devices that take C batteries with regular AA batteries.

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Last Updated: 06/22/2024





  • AA to C Battery Size Adapter
  • Converts AA Batteries into C Batteries
  • Usage:
    • Open up your device that takes C batteries
    • Place a AA Battery into this Adapter
    • Snap it shut
    • Place the battery with the adapter into the C battery slot
  • No more need for purchasing C batteries for outdated devices
  • With this adapter the voltage remains the same 1.5V so your devices run on AA's just like they would on C batteries. The only difference is that the AA batteries will last a shorter time so you will need to replace them more frequently. The benefit is that AA batteries are much more common than outdated C batteries.
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