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Kingii Dragon Robot

Build your own Kingii Dragon robot with Interactive AI that walks and behaves like a real lizard!

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  • Build your own robot pet with the Kingii Dragon Robot Kit
  • Interactive Artificial Intelligence
  • Selectable Funway modes: escape and approach-me
  • Infrared Sensor in the nose
  • 2 color LED light up eyes
  • Frills pop up and shake
  • Opens/closes mouth
  • Scurries away when shocked
  • Unfurls and shakes frills when in danger
  • Approaches you like a pet lizard when calm
  • Adjustable Neck angle
  • Fast moving legs & wagging tail
  • Award Winning Robot Kit:
    • Creative Child Awards 2015 Top Toy of the Year Award
    • Astra Best Toys for Kids 2015 Finalist
    • Dr. Toys 100 Best Winner
    • Dr. Toys 10 Best Educational Winner
  • Lizard Dimensions: 13.6" x 8.23" x 5"
  • No soldering required.