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Coin Acceptor

Make your projects coin operated with this coin acceptor!

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Last Updated: 12/08/2022





  • Accepted Coin Diameter: 18mm - 31mm
  • Accepted Coin Thickness: 1.2mm - 3mm
  • Operating Voltage: 12V ±20% DC
  • Quiescent Current: 60 mA±5%
  • Operating Temperature: -15C to 75C
  • Coin Sigal Output:O.C

Usage Instructions:

  • Insert sample coin into the coin groove
  • Adjust the insert slot opening size by loosening the screw at the back of the front panel to fit your coin's diameter (this will help prevent bigger invalid coins from being inserted)
  • Adjust the normally open (no) or normally closed (nc) switch according to your preference or control board setting
  • Use TIMER switch to choose the right coin signal speed to match your control board: fast (30ms) and medium (50ms) fit for common machines while the slow speed (100ms) setting usually fits for general amusement machines.
  • Adjust the sensitivity via the VR knob. Clockwise for less sensitivity (slack coin acceptance), counterclockwise for higher sensitivity (strict coin acceptance). Generally, the default setting is fine.
  • If you find that the coin passes unsmoothly, adjust the precision switch or turn the VR knob.
  • Select coins by diameter, thickness and material.
  • Wire Out:
    • Gray: Counter +/-
    • Red: DC 12V
    • White: Coin signal
    • Black: GND
    • Gray: Counter +/-
  • You can connect a micro limit switch's NC and C connections to the J2 socket COIN SWITCH to enforce anti-stringing
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