Arcade Joystick & Buttons USB Interface Kit

Arcade Joystick & Buttons USB Interface Kit for connecting an Arcade Joystick and Arcade Buttons to your computer or Raspberry Pi via USB. Perfect for Retro arcade projects with Raspberry Pi.

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  • This USB Interface Kit works with arcade joysticks and arcade buttons with 4.8mm terminals.
  • HAPP Style Joysticks & Push Buttons work well with this kit.
  • Make your own DIY arcade machine controlled via USB
  • You just need simply connect your arcade controls into the interface board with the included wires, And then plug the encoder into your computer / Raspberry Pi's USB Port to enjoy your arcade games on classic controls.
  • Supports all Windows systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc. and Raspberry Pi 0/1/2/3 with RetroPi!
  • Compact design
  • Zero Delay Encoder works with MAME, RetroPi and PC
  • USB to Jamma AC425+
  • Encoder board dimensions: 8.5cm X 3.5cm X 1cm
  • Includes:
    • USB Interface Encoder Board
    • USB Interface Cable
    • 13 Cables with 4.8mm female terminal connectors for Arcade Buttons
    • 4 4.8mm 2 Pin Cables for Joystick