Concave Joystick Breakout Module (Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible)

Discover control perfection with our Arduino-compatible joystick module. Effortlessly track movements via VRx & VRy pins, plus button clicks with SW pin. Concave topped joystick for ergonomic design for comfort grip. Elevate your project now!

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Last Updated: 02/21/2024




This joystick breakout board includes the Thumb Joystick with Click Button mounted on an easy-to-connect board. With only 5 pins you'll have have an easy time wiring your joystick. Breadboard and perfboard compatible.


  • Joystick Breakout Module
  • Joystick style: Concave
  • PS2 Joystick on-board
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible (for Raspberry Pi, you'll need this Analog to Digital Converter since Raspberry Pi does not support Analog inputs on its own)
  • Pinout:
    • 5V
    • GND
    • VRx: X-Axis location (voltage varies depending on the x coordinate of the joystick's position)
    • VRy: Y-Axis location (voltage varies depending on the y coordinate of the joystick's position)
    • SW: Button Switch (when pressed, this is high)
  • Joystick Dimensions:
    • Height (with Joystick Cap): 34mm
    • Width (with Joystick Cap): 28mm (measured at widest point)
    • Height (without Joystick Cap): 23mm
    • Width (without Joystick Cap): 25mm (measured at widest point)
  • Contents: 1 Analog Thumb Joystick Breakout Module


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