Joystick Breakout Module (Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible)

This joystick is mounted on an easy to hook up breakout board. Detect movements in all directions via VRx and VRy pins as well as button clicks on the SW pin.

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Last Updated: 12/06/2022




This joystick breakout board includes the Thumb Joystick with Click Button mounted on an easy-to-connect board. With only 5 pins you'll have have an easy time wiring your joystick. Breadboard and perfboard compatible.


  • Joystick Breakout Module
  • PS2 Joystick on-board
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible (for Raspberry Pi, you'll need this Analog to Digital Converter since Raspberry Pi does not support Analog inputs on its own)
  • Pinout:
    • 5V
    • GND
    • VRx: X-Axis location (voltage varies depending on the x coordinate of the joystick's position)
    • VRy: Y-Axis location (voltage varies depending on the y coordinate of the joystick's position)
    • SW: Button Switch (when pressed, this is high)
  • Joystick Dimensions:
    • Height (with Joystick Cap): 34mm
    • Width (with Joystick Cap): 28mm (measured at widest point)
    • Height (without Joystick Cap): 23mm
    • Width (without Joystick Cap): 25mm (measured at widest point)
  • Contents: 1 Analog Thumb Joystick Breakout Module


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