16x2 LCD Module (Black Text / Green Backlight) Maximize

16x2 LCD Module (Black Text / Green Backlight)

Add this 16x2 LCD Module to your projects for a 32 character display with black text on a green background. Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible.

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Last Updated: 02/26/2024




This LCD module allows you to display 32 characters (16 per row) on a green backlit screen. Solder on some male header pins to stick into a breadboard or solder wires directly to the board. Black text will display on a green illuminated background for easy viewing day or night!


  • 16x2 LCD Module
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible
  • Text Color: Black
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Backlight Color: Green
  • Pinout:
    • VSS: Ground, 0V
    • VDD: Logic Power Supply, 0.3V - 7V
    • VO: Operating Voltage for LCD, Min voltage: VDD-15V, Max voltage: VDD+0.3V
    • RS: Data / Instruction Register Select (H: Data Signal, L: Instruction Signal)
    • R/W: Read / Write (H: Read Mode, L: Write Mode)
    • E: Enable Signal
    • DB0: Data Bit 0
    • DB1: Data Bit 1
    • DB2: Data Bit 2
    • DB3: Data Bit 3
    • DB4: Data Bit 4
    • DB5: Data Bit 5
    • DB6: Data Bit 6
    • DB7: Data Bit 7
    • LED_A: Backlight Anode
    • LED_K: Backlight Cathode
  • Pin spacing: 2.54mm (0.1") (like our header pins)


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