Soldered 16x2 LCD Module with White Text and Blue Backlight 1602

Enhance your projects with our 16x2 LCD Module that comes pre-soldered with extra long header pins so you can just plug it directly into a breadboard or attach wires. No soldering required. Offering a brilliant 32-character presentation featuring crisp white text illuminated by a vibrant blue backlight. Enjoy seamless compatibility with Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems.

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Introducing our LCD Module: Your Gateway to Clear 32-Character Displays on a Brilliant Blue Backlit Screen!

Unlock the potential of your projects with our LCD module, designed to elegantly present 32 characters (16 characters per row) on a captivating blue backlit display. Crafted for convenience and versatility, this module comes pre-soldered with extra long male header pins for easy breadboard insertion or direct wire connections. No soldering required!

What sets this module apart:

  • No soldering required!
  • Crystal-clear white text against a vibrant blue illuminated backdrop ensures effortless readability day and night.
  • Compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems, seamlessly integrating into your existing setups for swift deployment.

Technical Specifications:

  • 16x2 LCD Module equipped with header pins for straightforward connectivity.
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatibility for enhanced flexibility.
  • Text Color: Radiant White, ensuring visibility under various lighting conditions.
  • Backlight: Yes, illuminating your display with striking Blue hues.

Pinout Details:

  • VSS: Ground, 0V
  • VDD: Logic Power Supply, 0.3V
  • VO: Operating Voltage for LCD  (Min voltage: VDD-15V, Max voltage: VDD+0.3V).
  • RS: Data / Instruction Register Select - Toggle between data and instruction signals (H: Data Signal, L: Instruction Signal).
  • R/W: Read / Write - Choose between read and write modes (H: Read Mode, L: Write Mode).
  • E: Enable Signal - Facilitates seamless communication.
  • DB0 to DB7: Data Bits - Transmit data seamlessly across various bits.
  • LED_A: Backlight Anode - Essential for backlight functionality.
  • LED_K: Backlight Cathode - Completing the backlight circuit.

Pin spacing: 2.54mm (0.1"), providing compatibility akin to our header pins.

Elevate your project presentations today with our LCD Module's clarity, compatibility, and captivating backlight. Maximize your potential and create displays that captivate!

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