Diymore 2.42" OLED Digital IIC I2C SPI Serial 12864 128X64 Pixel LCD Screen Display Module SSD1309 (Green)

This 128x64 rectangular display has lovely contrast with a black background and bright green pixels. You can write or display images with ease using this Organic LED module for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

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Last Updated: 03/28/2023




Just plug your Raspberry Pi or Arduino into this 128x64 Organic LED module for a wonderfully high contrast mini display. Very low power consumption and deep contrast make OLEDs perfect for watches, wearables, and low power projects where you'd like a little display. Easy to interface with using standard I2C Protocol.


  • Green OLED Module for Arduino & Raspberry Pi
  • Screen Size: 2.42 inches
  • Number of pins: 7
  • Includes header pins
  • Operating Voltage: 3V - 5V
  • Communication Protocol: 4-wire SPI, I2C and 8-bit interfaces. 3-wire SPI not supported.
  • Resolution: 128x64
  • Colors: Green on Black
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible


  • GND: power ground
  • VCC: positive strength
  • SCL: clock line
  • SDA: data cable
  • RES: reset wire
  • DC: data / command
  • CS: Chip selection
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