Raspberry Pi 2.2" TFT LCD Display Module: SPI

This 2.2" TFT LCD Display is similar to our 11 pin Arduino 2.2" TFT LCD Display, but for Raspberry Pi! Just wire it up and you'll have a 2.2" Color LCD for your Raspberry Pi to talk to via SPI!

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Last Updated: 12/01/2022




Use this 2.2" Color TFT LCD Display to add a vibrant color display to your Raspberry Pi projects. Just wire up your display and use the SPI protocol to communicate with your TFT. This is more advanced than our Raspberry Pi LCD shields since you have to wire using a breadboard and use the fbtft Raspberry Pi Library when configuring so we recommend it for intermediate users.


  • Resolution: 240x320
  • Communication Protocol: SPI
  • Chipset: ILI9341
  • SD Card Slot onboard
  • LCD Type: Color TFT
  • Pinout:
Display PinRaspberry Pi PinNotes
MISO Used by SD-card
CSCE0Chip Select
SDCS SD Card Chip Select

Useful Online Resources:

For Arduino users, this display is also Arduino compatible however we recommend our 11 Pin 2.2" TFT LCD Display which can be plugged directly into an Arduino UNO or Mega so you don't have to use a breadboard.

There is very little documentation available for this device online.
Are there any recommendations on how to interface this device with a raspi?
The online resources I\'ve found so far have not worked
Theres a tutorial at the bottom of the product page that you probably haven’t seen. I used that and it worked! There’s also a pinout chart there. Good luck buddy!
Default User Icon Kyle · 04/27/2020
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I have a project where I may want to go back and forth between Arduino and Raspi zero. Is this compatible with both or just Raspi? Thanks
Default User Icon Brian · 04/28/2020
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Looking for a tutorial or other documentation (or even a part number or anything I can use to find documentation) - I saw the previous answer but cann;t find the tutorial at the bottom of the product page they referenced... Any help would be most appreciated.
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