Apple Pencil Charging Adapter - Female to Female Lightning

Lightning Cable Charging Adapter for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Female Lightning on both ends of this coupler.

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  • Apple Pencil Charging Adapter - Female to Female Lightning
  • Designed to make charging your Apple Pencil easier
  • Compact design to fit in most pockets so you can take it with you wherever you go
  • Easy to use: Just plug one end of the adapter to the charging end of the Apple Pencil and the other end to a Lightning cable
  • Allows you to set your Apple Pencil next to your iPad Pro, rather than putting it directly into the iPad Pro port, which could result in damages to both devices.
  • Provides a simple, convenient charging experience, as plugging your peripheral into a lightning cable is much more natural.
  • Easy to take off if you ever need to use the cord for another purpose, but can stay in place permanently otherwise.
  • Compatibility: Apple Pencil, iPad Pro
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