RJ45 Network Cable Tester

Test your ethernet cables with this LAN / Network Tester. Automatically runs all tests and checks for continuity, open, shorted and crossed wire pairs. Visible LED status display.

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Last Updated: 06/13/2024





  • LAN / Network Tester
  • For testing RJ45 and RJ11 cables
  • Tests the functionality of network cables with twisted pair, straight and crossover wire configurations
  • Useful for resolving network connectivity issues via process of elimination
  • Usage Instructions:
    • Connect one end of the network cable to the "Master" controller and the other end to the "Remote". 
    • Turn the switch found on the Master controller to the on position to begin testing. 
    • If the network cable is working properly, the Master controller and the Remote will illuminate sequentially with green lights.
    • When testing cables with RJ-11 connectors, lights 1 through 6 should illuminate.  When testing cables with RJ-45 connectors, lights 1 through 8 should illuminate.
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