4 Port PoE Injector

Inject up to 48V of power to up to 4 devices using PoE (Power over ethernet) to power your routers and other ethernet powered devices.

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  • 4 Port PoE Injector
  • Injects up to 48V power over the ethernet line so you can power and transfer data through the same cable
  • Ethernet Power Pins: 4/5(+),7/8(-)
  • Compatible with all IEEE802.3af network devices
  • Useful for routers, modems and other devices that can receive power over ethernet (PoE)
  • 4 10M/100M RJ45 ports
  • Power Input= Power Output x Channels

    Example: 12V 4A DC input = 12V 1A DC output per channel, 28V 2A DC Input = 48V 0.5A DC output per channel
    If you only use 2 of 5 channels, 12V 2A DC input = 12V 1A  DC output per channel.
    Considering the distance to your PoE devices, the suggested power input should be greater than the power output x number of channels channels. Example: Use 48V 3A DC input to supply 48V 0.5A DC each for 4 channels.

  • 4 port power injector module
  • 4 Lan ports, 4LAN + Power ports, shielded
  • Power PoE devices such as routers, VOIP phones, IP cameras, Wifi access points, and more.
  • Same voltage distributed to all ports, they share the available power equally
  • Power Input Jack Size: 5.5x2.1mm
  • LED power indicator light
  • works with any ethernet switch or router
  • Use any power supply from 12V to 48V
  • Pins 1/2 & 3/6 for data
  • Pins 4/5 & 7/8 for power
  • Connectors: RJ45
  • Input Voltage: 12V - 48V
  • Current Output: 0.5A - 3A
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 50C
  • Storage Temperature: -40C to 70C
  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 80% RH
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