Pi PoE Switch Hat

Power your Pi and get network connectivity all through the same cable with this PoE Switch Hat for Raspberry Pi.

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Last Updated: 06/17/2024




The Pi PoE Switch HAT is a power over ethernet add-on board for the Raspberry Pi that brings the Pi Supply Switch technology together with PoE all in one fantastic package! You can now power your Raspberry Pi and provide an Ethernet connection in any location with just a single cable. Perfect for removing the clutter of wires and for reliable use in remote locations.


  • Fully 802.3af (mode A and B) compliant active power over Ethernet
  • Includes optional jumper that toggles the power functionality
    • If you keep the jumper on, your Pi PoE will power on after holding the power button for two seconds
    • If you take the jumper off, your Pi PoE will power on as soon as you apply power from your injector
  • Contains physical layer power negotiation circuitry, presenting itself as a Class 0 device
  • Fully isolated switched mode power supply (SMPS) - 1500V isolation input to output
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • High efficiency (up to 87%) regulated output
  • Input voltage 36-56V, output voltage 5V, output current 10-1300mA, max output power 6.5W
  • Onboard ATtiny 13A microcontroller for power management functionality
  • Configurable on / off switch for intelligent power management
  • Leaves all unused GPIO free for use with other add on boards
  • Fully assembled board
  • Mounting hardware and short ethernet patch cable included
  • Works with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  • Plug and play - no software required in order for Pi PoE to provide power and Ethernet directly to your Raspberry Pi
  • Configurable onboard button and ATtiny on board which can be made use of if you write your own software for it.



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