Raspberry Pi Heatsink Set 3pc

Place these aluminum heatsinks on your Raspberry Pi to allow overclocking without overheating! Turn up the power of your Raspberry Pi without turning up the heat.

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Last Updated: 07/18/2024




Apply with thermal paste to your Raspberry Pi's main chips to allow fast heat dissipation when overclocking or running heavy load processing applications. By adding these aluminum heatsinks to the SoC, Voltage Regulator and LAN9512 Chip on your Model A and B or to the SoC and LAN9512 on the B+ or just the SoC on the A+, you give them extra surface area for heat dissipation. Don't burn up your Raspberry Pi with heat damage, add these heat sinks to protect your motherboard from heat damage!


  • 1 14mm x 14mm x 5mm Heatsink
  • 2 9mm x 9mm x 4mm Heatsink



  • 3pc Heatsink Set for Raspberry Pi 4 B, 3 B+, 3 B, 2, A, B, A+ and B+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Requires thermal pasteto stick onto the chips
  • Installation Instructions for Model A+:
    • Apply thermal paste
    • Affix the 14mm Heatsink on the SoC Main Chip
    • Apply firm pressure to the heatsink for a strong contact


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