UK/AU/EU to US Adapter - 3 Prong Maximize

UK / AU / EU to US Adapter - 3 Prong

UK, AU and EU to US adapter plug. Travel adapter plug.

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  • UK / AU / EU to US adapter plug
  • Travel Adapter
  • Great for tourists visiting the US from Europe and Australia with 110V compatible devices.
  • Accepts UK plugs, AU and EU plugs.
  • Converts to 3 prong grounded US plug.
In using the UK/AU/EU to US adapter - 3 prong -- The plug I have for a device has 3A/ 240 V. Can I use this adapter to plug in an outlet of 120V?
If your device can also support 120V then yes. Usually the device will say 110V - 240V or something like that on it which means you can use it with this plug adapter.
Default User Icon David · 01/02/2020
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