Infrared LED Ring Attachment for Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera

Add night vision to your Raspberry Pi projects with this Infrared LED ring attachment for the Raspberry Pi NoIR cameras.

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  • Infrared LED Ring for Pi NoIR cameras
  • Gives your Raspberry Pi Night Vision!
  • Built in light sensor automatically powers your Infrared LED Ring light when it's dark out.
  • This Infrared LED Ring has 6 Infrared LEDs on a single ring for strong infrared lighting that will give your camera the ability to see in the dark!
  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC (requires external power supply or battery pack)
  • Power port: JST PH (requires wire connector)
  • Supply Current: 300mA to 400mA
  • Ring Outer Diameter: 45mm
  • Ring Inner Diameter: 17mm
  • Onboard light sensor (The LEDs will only turn on when it is dark out to conserve energy)
  • When the light in the room is below the ambient light threshold, the LEDs will be on.
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to 50C
  • Max Viewing Distance: 10m to 15m (32.8ft to 49.2ft)
  • Wavelength: 850nm
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