Infrared LED Ring Attachment for Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera

Add night vision to your Raspberry Pi projects with this Infrared LED ring attachment for the Raspberry Pi NoIR cameras.

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  • Infrared LED Ring for Pi NoIR cameras
  • Gives your Raspberry Pi Night Vision!
  • Built in light sensor automatically powers your Infrared LED Ring light when it's dark out.
  • This Infrared LED Ring has 6 Infrared LEDs on a single ring for strong infrared lighting that will give your camera the ability to see in the dark!
  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC (requires external power supply or battery pack)
  • Power input port: JST PH (requires wire connector)
  • Wiring Instructions: When using the above wire connector, connect the red wire to Ground and black wire to +12V. When the light sensor is covered, or it is dark outside, the lights will turn on.
  • Sensor output port: Micro JST (works with wire connector) You can use the sensor output port to obtain readings directly from the light sensor. Connecting to it is optional and not required to light the LED ring.
  • Supply Current: 300mA to 400mA
  • Ring Outer Diameter: 45mm
  • Ring Inner Diameter: 17mm
  • Onboard light sensor (The LEDs will only turn on when it is dark out to conserve energy)
  • When the light in the room is below the ambient light threshold, the LEDs will be on.
  • Operating Temperature: -10C to 50C
  • Max Viewing Distance: 10m to 15m (32.8ft to 49.2ft)
  • Wavelength: 850nm

We bought the Infrared LED Ring and it has 2 ports and we found only one type of connector to order for it. The one that we ordered fit in the bigger port. Is there anyone connector for the smaller port that we can order?

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I have these as well and I believe the smaller one is for this connector:
Default User Icon Monica · 05/28/2021
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I purchased 5 Infrared LED Ring Attachments for Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera. I saw that they had a link to a required wire with a connector and purchased 5 of those two. However, there are 2 plugs on the LED ring and the required wire only fits one of them. I have not been able to find a plug that fits the smaller connector. Can anyone clarify what exactly is needed and how to wire it?
Thanks in advance!
Try this plug: To wire it, just connect the two wires to 12V and Ground to turn the LEDs on. Hope this helps. I\'ve used these and they\'re really good for night vision when paired with the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera. Cheers!
Default User Icon Melissa · 06/03/2021
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Does this fit the picam v2 and v3?
Yes, for Picam v2 and v3 you\'ll have to attach wires to power the LEDs. If you don\'t want to attach any wires use this version: You don\'t need wires because it gets power straight from the metal pads at the screw mounts.
Default User Icon Nathaniel · 02/03/2023
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