Optical Detector / Phototransistor: QRD1114 Maximize

Optical Detector / Phototransistor: QRD1114

This Optical Detector / Phototransistor has an infrared emitter and NPN Phototransistor all in one package. When the sensor is in front of a reflective surface, the emitted IR beam makes it to the internal phototransistor and closes the circuit.

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Last Updated: 04/14/2024




This Optical Detector / Phototransistor uses reflected IR beams to measure the distance of an object in front of the sensor (0.5 - 1 cm) or how reflective it is. Useful for detecting the black or white surfaces or whether an object passes in front of the sensor in close range. The left 2 pins are the infrared emitter LED and the right 2 pins are the legs of the phototransistor. When the infrared beam emitted from the internal IR LED bounce off a surface and onto the phototransistor, the phototransistor pins become connected.


  • Reflective Object Sensor
  • IR LED & Phototransistor all in one package


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