Contactless IR Temperature Sensor: ZTP-135SR

Measure the temperature of a surface without contact using this Contactless Thermopile Infrared Temperaure Sensor.

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Point this Contactless Infrared Temperature Sensor at something to determine its temperature. A great way to measure the temperature of an object from a distance, this sensor catches infrared beams emanating from objects at a distance to measure temperature. As the temperature increases the voltage increases on the thermopile in millivolts.


  • Temperature Sensor Type: Contactless Infrared Thermopile
  • Included ambient temperature (thermistor) sensor for compensation
  • High sensitivity
  • Fast response time
  • Low cost
  • Measure the temperature of an object from a distance in millivolts
  • Suitable for non-contact thermometers, ear thermometers, appliances, electronics
  • Range: -20C to 100C
  • Viewing Angle Range: 80 to 90 degrees
  • Operating Temperature: -20C to 100C
  • Thermopile and thermistor both in a single package.
  • The thermistor is used for ambient temperature sensing for compensation.
  • As the temperature of the object being sensed increases, the voltage from the thermopile increases (mV)
  • As the ambient temperature increases the resistance from the thermistor increases (kΩ)
  • Consists of thermo-elements, flat IR filter, a thermistor for temperature compensation in a hermetically sealed package
  • Package: TO-46


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