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ARDX Arduino Kit

The ARDX Arduino Kit is what you'll want for your Physical Computing courses. Follow along with your professor and have all the items you need at a great low price! Sturdy Plastic Case included!

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The ARDX Arduino Kit is ideal for students taking Physical Computing courses. Includes all the parts you need in a sturdy plastic case so you can go to class prepared! 


References (Courtesy of .:oomlout:.):

{ASEM} Assembling the Pieces 02
{INST} Installing the Software 03
{PROG} A Small Programming Primer 04
{ELEC} A Small Electronics Primer 06
The Circuits
{CIRC01} Getting Started - (Blinking LED) 08
{CIRC02} 8 LED Fun - (Multiple LEDs) 10
{CIRC03} Spin Motor Spin - (Transistor and Motor) 12
{CIRC04} A Single Servo - (Servos) 14
{CIRC05} 8 More LEDs - (74HC595 Shift Register) 16
{CIRC06} Music - (Piezo Elements) 18
{CIRC07} Button Pressing - (Pushbuttons) 20
{CIRC08} Twisting - (Potentiometers) 22
{CIRC09} Light - (Photo Resistors) 24
{CIRC10} Temperature - (TMP36 Temperature Sensor) 26
{CIRC11} Larger Loads - (Relays) 28
{CIRC12} Colorful Light - (RGB LED) 30
{CIRC13} Squeezing - (Force Sensitive Resistors) 32

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