9x7mm Electret Microphone - Omni-directional

This omni-directional microphone is breadboard and perfboard mountable with a 9mm diameter so you can pick up on fainter sounds. Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible.

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Last Updated: 06/22/2024




This simple 9mm microphone is omnidirectional, making it great for projects where you want a microphone for audio detection coming from any direction! Just plug into a breadboard or perfboard or solder wires to the 2 leads for sound detection and recording. When sound causes the film inside this microphone to vibrate, it generates a voltage of a few millivolts. You can read this voltage directly or use an Op Amp to amplify the signal. Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible.


  • Directivity: Omni-directional (can detect sound coming from all angles)
  • Sensitivity: -48 to 66 dB
  • Max Current Consumption: 0.5 mA
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 58 dBA
  • Operating Frequency: 50 - 20000 Hz
  • Operating Voltage: 1.5V - 10V DC
  • Operating Temperature: -20 C to 60 C
  • Dimensions:
    • Microphone Diameter: 9mm
    • Microphone Height: 7mm
    • Wire Leads: 5mm


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