Velostat Pressure Sensitive Conductive Sheet

Use this Pressure Sensitive Material to make your own pressure / force sensing circuits. 12"x12" piece of Velostat / Linqstat.

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What makes Velostat, also known as Linqstat, so unique is it's pressure sensitivity. When pressure is applied on the material, the resistance drops! Place some Velostat between 2 pieces of conductive thread, 2 conductive swatches or 2 sheets of conductive fabric to make your own, pressure sensing circuits. When someone steps on, presses or squeezes, the resistance will decrease.


  • Resistance decreases as pressure increases
  • Useful for making DIY force sensors that can measure heavy things (such as placing on the soles of the feet to measure steps)
  • Dimensions: Approximately 1 square foot (12" x 12")
  • Color: Opaque Black (as shown)
  • Thickness: 4 Mil (0.1mm)
  • Great for making flexible sensors in fabrics too! (such as detecting when a stuffed animal is hugged)
  • Operating Temperature: -45C to 65C (-50F to 150F)
  • Volume Resistivity: < 500 ohm cm
  • Surface Resistivity: < 31000 ohm /
  • Heat Sealable


References: E-textile Sensor Making Tutorial

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