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Conductive Thread: 200 yard spool

200 yards of conductive thread to sew into your e-textiles! Acts just like wire in your clothing's circuits! Great accompaniment for the Arduino Lilypad.

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This 200 yard spool of conductive thread is great for your electronics that are to be sewn into clothing. E-textiles are electronic textiles; for example, a shirt that lights up based on the wearer's movements or a dress that has LEDs sewn into it to add a dash of light!

In e-textile projects, including but not limited to Arduino Lilypad projects, this conductive thread acts as wire in your projects. Use it to connect LEDs to batteries to get light, or use it to hook up your Arduino Lilypad to various other components.This thread is sufficient for powering LEDs over relatively long distances. Resistance does not vary significantly from one length of thread to the next meaning you do not have to worry about dead sections as you may have to with other conductive threads.

Each thread comprises of 96 individual filaments, each coated with a micron-thick layer of natural silver. In construction, 16 of these filaments are wound together to form an initial twist; two of these twists are then twisted together, and finally three of these twists are combined to form the finished thread. This thread is a little heavier than a regular sewing thread, but not as heavy as an upholstery thread. It can be sewn on most domestic sewing machines using either a regular needle or the next size up.

This thread does not fray and there are no loose ends of filament except where they have been cut. The filaments are very smooth, so there are no fine tendrils as you will find with a cotton thread.

Here's what the thread looks like up close:



  • Length: 200 yards
  • Resistance: approx. 0.65 ohm / cm (20 ohm / foot)
  • Breaking Strain: approx. 9.3 pounds (4.2 kg)
  • Fiber Density: 18 denier


Also available in shorter lengths of 3 yards here.

If I tie two threads together will i be able to transfer electricity through the knot?
Default User Icon Mia · 12/06/2019
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Is this thread washable? How durable is it to washing?
Yes it is washable. You can wash it many times and so far I\'ve washed my gloves a bunch of times with no problems. Since it\'s made with silver, I imagine it will tarnish a bit or change color at some point but so far I don\'t see a difference in my gloves yet.
Default User Icon Brooks · 08/16/2020
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Can I use this with a sewing machine? If so, what needle size do you recommend?
Yes. It can be used in most sewing machines with either a regular needle or the next size up.
Default User Icon Olivia · 08/19/2020
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