Lilytiny with USB port (Mini Arduino-Compatible E-textile Controller)

Light up your clothing by sewing the Lilytiny into your next outfit! Just plug in a MicroUSB cable and use the Arduino IDE to program.

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Last Updated: 06/12/2024




No more breadboards and wires in your favorite fabric projects! This little sister to the Lilypad USB is an Arduino-Compatible e-textile control board with super small size! Just sew onto the conductive pads of the board with conductive thread to create a circuit! This is the greatest way to work with smart e-textiles while keeping a small form factor!

This Lilytiny has a MicroUSB port right on it for easy powering and programming compared to other Lilytiny boards! Just plug it straight into your computer with any MicroUSB cable! Arduino-Compatible so you can use it with the Arduino Software!

How to use your Lilytiny:

  1. Prepare your fabric
  2. Sew your Lilytiny onto your fabric
  3. Sew any sensors, LEDs, or other electronic components to your fabric
  4. Connect the electronic components to the Lilytiny's pads using conductive thread in place of wire
  5. Now that you have your circuit, plug your Lilytiny into your computer using a MicroUSB cable and program it (or load the code you've downloaded for your project) using the Arduino Software.
  6. Plug your USB cable into a battery pack or sew a regular battery pack between 7 and 12V to the VIN and GND pads of the Lilytiny.



  • Power via USB or Battery
  • Battery power input (on VIN and GND pins): 7V - 35V DC (12V max is recommended)
  • Regulator built in so you can use a wide range of power input voltages
  • micro USB port for programming & power
  • Num I/O Pins: 6
  • Flash Memory: 8k (6k with bootloader)
  • I2C and SPI compatible (via USI)
  • 3 PWM capable pins by default (more possible with Software PWM)
  • 4 analog input pins
  • Indicator LED

Useful Tutorial for Connecting and Programming your Lilytiny ATtiny85 Breakout Board:


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