Sewable Buzzer for Lilypad Maximize

Sewable Buzzer for Lilypad

Add sound to your wearables with this buzzer with sewable tabs. Sew to the Lilypad or Lilytiny to have sound in your e-textiles!

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Last Updated: 07/19/2024




This little buzzer is great for adding a bit of audio to your projects. Sew through the holes on top and bottom using conductive thread and attach to a Lilypad USB or Lilytiny for easy buzzing sounds! No soldering required!


  • Sewable tabs so you don't have to solder
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Works with Lilypad USB, Lilypad Starter Kit, Lilytiny, etc
  • Pinout: Connect the + and - to 2 I/O pins on your Lilypad USB, Lilypad, Lilytiny or other microcontroller to operate the buzzer
  • Inductive Buzzer so you can vary the frequency of the tone by varying the speed you toggle the I/O pins
  • NOTE: Avoid washing as this buzzer is not machine washable.
  • Dimensions: 1"x1"x0.16" (2.5x2.5x0.41cm)


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