Sewable CR2032 Coin Cell Battery Holder

This CR2032 Flat Coin Cell Battery Holder is the easiest way to sew a battery into your e-textiles! Two small 1mm holes on each side allow you to sew one end to power and the other to ground using any needle up to size #5 with conductive thread!

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Use this CR2032 Flat Coin Cell Battery Holder to power your electronics wearables! There are two small tabs on the left and right, one is positive/power (3 Volts) and the other is negative/ground (0 Volts). Just sew your conductive thread onto the left and right to have 3V of power for your LEDs, sensors and buzzers! Press on the small tab to pop out the battery for an easy swap while on the move! Super sturdy and can be glued onto fabric easilyfor extra support due to it's flat back.


  • Battery Holder for 1 CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Sewable (great for working with conductive thread)
  • Unique Pop In/Out Tab Design to prevent difficulties when removing the battery
  • Provides 3V of power
  • Holder Material: 30% glass-filled nylon 66, UL94 HB
  • Contacts: sus 301, nickel-plated overall with gold flash
  • Temperature Range: -40C - 225C
  • Passed Vibration Test:
    • 10~50 10Hz sweeped in 60 seconds
    • X, Y, Z direction 3 times each direction
    • Result: No dislodgement of cell or damage & no damage to the holder
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