Glow In the Dark Thread

Glow in the Dark Thread! Sew it into wearables and costumes for a little glow. Couple with EL wire to get cool dual lighting effects.

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  • Glow in the Dark Thread
  • Quantity: 1000 yards
  • Polyester with Luminous Material
  • Glows continously in the dark for 4 to 6 hours after absorbing enough light for 2 to 3 hours
  • Smooth, soft, non-toxic
  • Can be used for costumes, wearables, clothes, bags, knitted hats, shoelaces, phone straps, nighttime safety vests, cross-stitch, sewing machine projects, etc.
  • Super bright and permanent glowing effect with or without power.
  • Great addition for EL wire projects to get dual lighting effects.
What is the recommended sewing machine needle size when using this thread?

Standard needles work 80/12 or 90/14 should be fine. That\'s what I used.
Default User Icon Lilit · 09/14/2020
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