Teensy Prop Shield with Motion Sensor

Teensy Prop Shield with Motion Sensor so you can make interactive light and sound effects on small handheld props and wearable costumes!

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  • Works with Teensy 3.2 and Teensy LC
  • Contains a 10 degree of freedom motion sensor on board
  • Lets you create handheld props and wearable costumes with light and sound effects based on motion
  • Motion Sensors - Allows motion interactive light & sound
  • Audio Amplifier - Clear quality audio output to a small speaker
  • Fast LED Driver - Drive APA102 / Dotstar LEDs for colorful lighting with rapid response
  • Flash Memory - 8 Mbyte storage for images, sound clips, and data logging
  • 2 watt audio amp onboard
  • High speed 5V buffers for driving APA102 LED strips
  • 8 Mbyte flash memory for images, sound clips, or data logging
  • Approximately the size of a Teensy 3.2, just slightly longer to allow space for mounting holes and connections for power, speaker, and LEDs
  • Fully supported library for Teensy can be used with this board for easy programming
  • Note: Teensy not included. This is the shield without headers.
What is the revision of this audio shield board. I need it to be Rev. D for it to be of any use for me. Can anyone verify the the boards that are shipping are in fact Rev D. Thanks in advance for you help.
Teensy Audio Shield Rev D that works with Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 is available here:
Default User Icon Robert · 12/16/2023
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