USB EL Wire Inverter (good for up to 5 wires) Maximize

USB EL Wire Inverter

Power up to 5 EL Wires, EL Tape or EL Panels with this USB EL Wire Inverter. Can handle a total of 15 meters of wire or equivalent tape/panels.

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Last Updated: 05/29/2024





  • USB EL wire inverter
  • Power up to:
    • 15 meters of EL Wire
    • 5 EL Panels
    • 5 meters of EL Tape
  • USB 5V input
  • Output: 1 Female JST SM 2 Pin connector (can be used with a 5 way EL wire splitter to connect up to 5)
  • Can be powered from a wall plug or other USB port.
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