MC34063 5V to 12V DC Voltage Boost Module Kit Maximize

MC34063 Positive to Negative Voltage Reverser

Invert your voltage from positive to negative voltage with this MC34063 Voltage Reverser Module. This module comes fully assembled. Connect the input to a 3.6V to 36V positive voltage and your output can be adjusted between -1.5V and -36V!

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Last Updated: 09/30/2023




This DC-DC Voltage Booster module will boost a 5V signal up to 12V! Very useful for Arduino applications where you want to control a 12V device using 5V from your Arduino or other TTL 5V circuit. Comes as a soldering kit for extra value!


  • Convert positive to negative voltage
  • Input Voltage: 3.6V - 36V
  • Output Voltage: -1.5V to -36V
  • Output voltage load regulation rate: <5%
  • Positive and negative voltage
  • Base Chipset: MC34063
  • Max Output Current: 1.5A
  • Recommended Output Power: 0.5W
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