Lipo Power Boost Charger 5V 1000mA

Use this Power Boost 1000mA 5V Lipo charger to charge lipo batteries and also boost up their voltage to 5V simultaneously. A boost converter + lipo charger all in one!

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Last Updated: 04/14/2024





  • Works with Lipo Batteries from 3.7V to 5.5V DC
  • Connect the Lipo to the B+ and B- pads
  • Large USB A port outputs 5V so you can connect USB cables to charge your devices
  • Connect a USB cable to the Micro USB B port to charge up the lipo battery when it runs low
  • Max Charging Current:1000mA
  • Max Output Current:1000mA
  • Output Voltage: 5V DC
  • Battery Discharge Stop Voltage: 2.9V DC
  • Booster Efficiency: 85% (With 3.7V Lipo outputting 5V and 1A)
  • Indicator LED
  • Charging and discharging power MOS onboard
  • Preset 4.2V charging voltage, precision ±1%
  • Max standby current: 8uA
  • Temperature, short circuit, overload & overcharge protection
  • Supports trickle mode and zero voltage charging
  • Indicator LED status:
    • Flashing Red: Charging
    • Steady Red: Fully Charged
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