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Short Flex Sensor 2.2"

When this short 2.2 inch sensor flexes (bends) the resistance changes. Famous for being in the Nintendo Powerglove.

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Last Updated: 04/21/2024




Use this Short 2.2" Flex Sensor to detect flexing along the sensor. As the sensor is flexed, the resistance on the 2 output pins changes. Easy to use and great for detecting flexing / bending motions.


  • Length: 2.2"
  • Life Cycle: >1 million
  • Height: 0.43mm (0.017")
  • Flat Resistance: 10K Ohms ±30%
  • Bend Resistance: minimum 20K Ohms ±30% (@ 180° pinch bend)
  • Power Rating : 0.5 Watts continuous; 1 Watt Peak


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