Shape Memory Wire - 1 foot Maximize

Shape Memory Wire - 1 foot

This extra thick 0.5mm Nitinol Shape Memory Wire is activated by heat or high electrical currents and can be form-treated into any shape you can think of with a small torch or lighter.

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Last Updated: 06/04/2023





  • Nitinol Shape Memory Wire
  • Quantity: 1 foot
  • Can be worked into any shape imaginable,
  • When Heated above 70º C (hot water or high electrical current), it immediately jumps into its predefined memory shape
  • Threshold temperature: 70º C (suitable for robotics, machines, etc as it transitions more predictably above ambient temperatures)
  • Comes pre-treated straight from the factory, so if you crumple it and throw it in a cup of hot water, it will jump out as straight as a ruler no matter what form it was in.
  • Extra thick 0.5mm diameter so it can provide extra force when used
  • Color: Black with bluish oxide tint
  • Abrasion & Moisture resistant for longevity
  • Be sure to use a current limiting circuit when applying electricity to the wire to prevent overheating
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