Nichrome Resistance Wire 3.28 feet 26 AWG Maximize

Nichrome Resistance Wire 3.28 feet 26 AWG

3.28 feet of 26 AWG Nichrome Resistance wire. 26.5 ohms per foot. Ideal for making heating elements.

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Last Updated: 07/19/2024




Nichrome Resistance Wire is useful for making heating elements. When power is applied across resistance wire, the wire heats up. When designing a heating element with Nichrome Resistance Wire, have a resistance of your length of wire equal to the rated output voltage of the supply divided by the rated current. Use the formula below for easy heating element calculations:

Length of wire for heating element in feet = (Supply Voltage / Supply Current) / 26.5


  • Resistance: 26.5 Ohms/foot
  • 26 AWG
  • Material: 80% Nichrome, 20% Chromium (No Iron so no rust)
  • Total Length: 3.28 Feet
  • Good for making heating elements
  • CAUTION: Nichrome Resistance wire can get HOT!
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