Tesla Coil Kit 12V Soldering Kit

Solder together your own Tesla coil with this DIY Tesla Coil Soldering Kit. Just plug into power and watch it produce arcs!

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  • Produce arcs with this tesla coil
  • Comes as a soldering kit
  • Power input via DC Jack
  • Power input: 12V ( Works with 12V 2A Power Supply)
  • Produces a visible arc of electricity
  • Place a flourescent light bulb near the coil and watch it amazingly light up wirelessly!
  • Amaze your friends by lighting up a flourescent bulb without any wires and wirelessly charging
  • Included Kit Parts List:
    • Circuit Board
    • Coil
    • 2x 3MM Blue LEDs
    • DC Power Jack 5.5x2.1mm
    • 2x 105 capacitors
    • On/Off switch
    • 2x 10K resistors
    • Heat sink
    • 3x6mm screw
    • BD243
    • Bubble
    • 4x M2x4 screws
    • 4x M2*7 copper standoffs
  • How it works:

    • The high-temperature and high-pressure plasma arcs in the air are produced by the tesla coil
    • Can ignite, wirelessly transmit electricity, illuminate flourescent lamps and create visible arcs in the air!
  • Safety: This product is not a high voltage product so there is no danger of electrocution. However, it is not recommended to touch the arc of electricity emitted by the device. Touching the arc will give a burning sensation.
  • During prolonged use the metal heat sinks will get hot. Do not touch them during or directly after prolonged use.
  • Keep cell phones and other electronics more than 2 feet from the coil when active. The coil generates a high frequency magnetic field that can harm electronic devices.
  • Dimensions: 1.57" x 1.22"


Where is the manual for this? It comes with no instructions..
The assembly manual is on the download tab or you can download it here
Default User Icon Luke · 01/18/2024
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