SC-100 Snap Circuits Jr. 101 Experiments Electronics Kit

Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun! Just follow the colorful illustrated manual and build 101 exciting projects! FM radios, digital voice recorders, AM radios, burglar alarms, doorbells, and much more! You can even play electronic games with your friends. Enjoy hours of educational fun while learning about electronics.

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Learn about electricity through building! Make 101 educational electronics projects by just snapping pieces together to learn the basics of electricity! No tools required!


  • 101 Electronic Projects:
    • Electric Light & Switch
    • DC Motor & Switch
    • Sound Activated Switch
    • Adjusting Sound Level
    • Lamp & Fan Series
    • Lamp & Fan in Parallel
    • Light Emitting Diode
    • One Direction for LED
    • Conduction Detector
    • Space War Alarm Combo
    • Flying Saucer
    • Decreasing Saucer Lift
    • Two-Speed Fan
    • The Fuse
    • Musical Doorbell
    • Momentary Alarm
    • Alarm Circuit
    • Laser Gun
    • Space War
    • Light Switch
    • Paper Space War
    • Light Police Siren
    • More Loud Sounds
    • More Loud Sounds II
    • More Loud Sounds III
    • More Loud Sounds IV
    • Clap Sounds
    • More Clap Sounds
    • More Clap Sounds II
    • More Clap Sounds III
    • More Clap Sounds IV
    • Voice Light Diode
    • Voice Control
    • Motor Space Sounds
    • Motor Space Light
    • FM radios, digital voice recorders, AM radios, burglar alarms, doorbells and many more!
  • Detailed instructions
  • Simple Snap-together pieces for solderless circuit building!
  • No tools required
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Ages 8 to 108
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